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Hi everybody .. I am new to this forum having only found the '' site a few days ago.

having an old computer means I can not see the 3D option, but the settings and bookmarks features are great.

One snag .. a day or two ago I set up all new bookmarks for me, but today the site reverts back to the original. No disrespect to Amsterdam and Sau Paulo, but I don't have much interest in the airports there.

Is there a way to save the bookmarks ... ie to remain there full time, not just for a browsing session.

I live quite near an airport so had one bookmark for the region and a second one, zoomed in over my house. This proved perfect.

Thanks for any input provided
Hi wbmkk,

Hmm - the bookmarks should be preserved!!
Could you try one again and let me know if it still disappears please.
Also if you delete one of the pre-populated ones does it appear again??


Hi Mark ... thanks for your reply.

A quick update

I actually have two desktop computers, on one I use the browser Chrome and on the other Firefox. Why ... don't ask me !

On the computer with Chrome ... the bookmarks remain, perfect !!

On the computer with Firefox ... they were lost. I think I have a setting somewhere with this browser that deletes the history as soon as I turn the browser off. I've just tried it again now ... I deleted all the bookmarks, set up a new one and all was well. Once I closed the browser and started again, 2 seconds later the default bookmarks are back. At least I know there's no fault no ... I just have to adjust the settings or you t'other computer.

Regards to all
Thanks for the update.
Excellent detective work!
Good to know it isn't us - good for us that is!