SDRangel ADS-B decoder

Gisle Vanem

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Has anybody tried the new ADS-B decoder plugin in SDRangel?

Tried it briefly today; it showed some plane (?) at 118700 feet!! What could it be, a satellite?
I suspect some of the decoding is totally bogus. Screen-shot:
...might be a meteorological or other spec balloon...

- For feeding flight data, using dump1090 + client software is the "only" working method.
- Surfing on frequencies and modulations, you already have a receiver specific software with tons of plugins.

A receiver said to be compatible by a third party author is not surely a garantie to have fun, but mostly means reading tons of text, so that you can fix obvious malfunctions. 3rd party softwares are rarely tested for all the available hardware.

I have RSP1a and RTLSDR receivers - APIs and drivers installed on my pc - but I could not get even SDRangel's basic functions working with any of them on Win10.
Sorry for saying that, but using a third-party software is always a risk. You will not get extra functions what you do not already have now - so, it is wasting your time. (I think)

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