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I use a Mac OS X el Capitan with a R820T USB dongle.
But I have the following problem.
I can not find out which is my Serial Port Name:

m-gs-computer:~ martin$ ls /dev/tty*
/dev/tty /dev/ttysf
/dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port /dev/ttyt0
/dev/ttyp0 /dev/ttyt1
/dev/ttyp1 /dev/ttyt2
/dev/ttyp2 /dev/ttyt3
/dev/ttyp3 /dev/ttyt4
/dev/ttyp4 /dev/ttyt5
/dev/ttyp5 /dev/ttyt6
/dev/ttyp6 /dev/ttyt7
/dev/ttyp7 /dev/ttyt8
/dev/ttyp8 /dev/ttyt9
/dev/ttyp9 /dev/ttyta
/dev/ttypa /dev/ttytb
/dev/ttypb /dev/ttytc
/dev/ttypc /dev/ttytd
/dev/ttypd /dev/ttyte
/dev/ttype /dev/ttytf
/dev/ttypf /dev/ttyu0
/dev/ttyq0 /dev/ttyu1
/dev/ttyq1 /dev/ttyu2
/dev/ttyq2 /dev/ttyu3
/dev/ttyq3 /dev/ttyu4
/dev/ttyq4 /dev/ttyu5
/dev/ttyq5 /dev/ttyu6
/dev/ttyq6 /dev/ttyu7
/dev/ttyq7 /dev/ttyu8
/dev/ttyq8 /dev/ttyu9
/dev/ttyq9 /dev/ttyua
/dev/ttyqa /dev/ttyub
/dev/ttyqb /dev/ttyuc
/dev/ttyqc /dev/ttyud
/dev/ttyqd /dev/ttyue
/dev/ttyqe /dev/ttyuf
/dev/ttyqf /dev/ttyv0
/dev/ttyr0 /dev/ttyv1
/dev/ttyr1 /dev/ttyv2
/dev/ttyr2 /dev/ttyv3
/dev/ttyr3 /dev/ttyv4
/dev/ttyr4 /dev/ttyv5
/dev/ttyr5 /dev/ttyv6
/dev/ttyr6 /dev/ttyv7
/dev/ttyr7 /dev/ttyv8
/dev/ttyr8 /dev/ttyv9
/dev/ttyr9 /dev/ttyva
/dev/ttyra /dev/ttyvb
/dev/ttyrb /dev/ttyvc
/dev/ttyrc /dev/ttyvd
/dev/ttyrd /dev/ttyve
/dev/ttyre /dev/ttyvf
/dev/ttyrf /dev/ttyw0
/dev/ttys0 /dev/ttyw1
/dev/ttys000 /dev/ttyw2
/dev/ttys1 /dev/ttyw3
/dev/ttys2 /dev/ttyw4
/dev/ttys3 /dev/ttyw5
/dev/ttys4 /dev/ttyw6
/dev/ttys5 /dev/ttyw7
/dev/ttys6 /dev/ttyw8
/dev/ttys7 /dev/ttyw9
/dev/ttys8 /dev/ttywa
/dev/ttys9 /dev/ttywb
/dev/ttysa /dev/ttywc
/dev/ttysb /dev/ttywd
/dev/ttysc /dev/ttywe
/dev/ttysd /dev/ttywf

Can someone please help me?

best regards

In your manual it says:

"The only step left is to tell our client about your receiver. If using a USB connected receiver you will need to know your serial port name.

To find this open Terminal and enter: ls /dev/tty*

This will list your serial ports. A typical output is shown below:



It should be possible to identify the USB ports. If two ports are listed then use the B option as shown below:

But I can not find any
That section sounds like it is for the Kinetic based receivers and not the RTL's?

Suggest you get Dump1090 installed and then connect our client to that
It will then be a TCP connection, try the Beast Binary format to 30005 (if our client is on the same machine as Dump1090)