Settings not retained after closing and re-opening.

Rob Harrison

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This seems to have happened sometime today. All the aircraft label settings disappear after closing the website and re-opening. My bookmark is the same as always but the labels don't appear, so I have to reset every time, which is most annoying.

Any comments on this please, thanks, Rob
Anyone else see this, or have I inadvertently made a faux pas and invoked the new Beta version?

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Hi Rob, I have the same problem on my Android Tablet, not sure when it started, but it was only a few days ago, up till then all logos stayed even after shutting down and restarting
Thanks bryfly, I thought I was imagining it. I think they've done an update, as the search box returns a different format to normal. I did get asked to try a Beta version(it may have been FR24 though) but declined. Perhaps it's that. Nobody seems to have commented from the developers, which seems odd, it can't have just "happened". The settings default to No labels, but my saved settings are there if I opt for Labels. It's just on initial opening there are no labels. I've attached 2 screengrabs to illustrate that and the new seach results.


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Same thing is happening to me, I don't know if the developers even watch the forum anymore even though they charge for premium service.

It's good customer service to let you know when things are going to change and not have unexpected issues. To change content without warning is poor, then to not acknowledge it is worse. We can't expect them to monitor the forums 24/7, but once a week might be a wise move. I expect eventually we'll find out.
Tonight mine seems to have gone back to retaining aircraft logos when switching on and off, so guess they have fixed it, fingers crossed

Just checked mine and likewise it's retaining the settings. So it looks as though they fixed whatever they messed up. Thanks.