Slim Jim antenna practical?


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just thinking of the very low projection Slim Jim and was wondering could one be made or is it too impractical and too precise
sorry its an old post but thought i'd knock one up for testing.
Its on first floor level, at a window....
N-type with just some scrap copper wire.



after 12 hours using cheap'o ebay DVB stick un-amped un filtered
I'll leave it running till 8pm tonight (another 12 Hours) then switch over and leave the Slim-Jim running for same time.
I'm impressed with its performance so far, might run a test in a few days with it up a mast.

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tried to edit /etc/rbfeeder.ini via SSH

sudo nano /etc/rbfeeder.ini

but doesn't open the file??? comes up with new file....any ideas as to why?
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rbfeeder is for radarbox.
maybe rbfeeder isn't installed, pretty much the only explanation i can think of.

Are you looking for planefinder settings?
sudo nano /etc/pfclient-config.json

Above command will open file pfclient-config.json whose contents are:


After making changes, save the file Ctrl+o and close Ctrl+x.

Restart pfclient

sudo systemctl restart pfclient
Flightradar Antenna @ 30ft, Flightradar Pro Plus Stick VS USB DVB Unamped unfiltered Slim Jim @ First Floor level behind window.


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so to finalize this test i also built the well know 8 legged spider to compare against the J-Pole and Slim Jim. All element lengths are 69mm as per tutorial on this forum.
They all show very very similar reception range, but in my opinion the J-pole wins as its far simpler to build and just as effective as the spider.
I don't have an F-plug to SMA adapter to make a solder-less J-pole however i think it should be a recommended easy make solder-less antenna for beginners. The last picture is a quick knock-up of a solder-less J-Pole. Once i have my new antenna analyzer I'll give the true size for each antenna.


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