Small Problem with PIAware Linux Client

Hi All,

I have a small number of RPi receivers all at remote sites & access to them is limited to console (SSH)
These clients all require sharing codes but I've tried a few command line browsers such as Lynx / Links
/elinks but even after I input the data to create a new share code then nothing is returned via email , also the config file is not populated

One solution would be I guess to use the External IP Address of the remote unit(s) but this would involve re configuring firewalls which is a bit of a pain ;) another option is to edit the config file & manually input the parameters but this would not resolve the problem of generating a sharing codes

If anyone has some work around's for this problem then please let me know :)



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Lee Armstrong

Staff member
Hi Nigel,

What you could do is install a client locally and that will generate a share code and also a config.

Then you could upload these configs?

You can repeat the setup of your local client by deleting the config file generated.


Lee Armstrong

Staff member
Am in the office today so if you want to give me some details on SSH Tunnelling with the client I can get OpenSSH
installed on the RPi here & give it a test ;)
There are a ton of ways to do it so I would just suggest you Google and read about a bit. It's one of those things I think should be read up on as its your security at the end of the day!