Topped out at 2274kmh


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On fri 14/7/23 at around 3:45 I noticed a triangle icon just s/w of Kurrajong heights in the Bowen ranges NSW so clicked on it out of curiosity,
It had call sign SSM3
Type code GRND
Adshex 7C7fCC
I read a post saying it was police and did find an image of that model,
It was at zero altitude and sped up to 2274kmh
Heading east then returned to where it appears to be stationed, at very odd looking compound on burrulow rd, it’s still in the history of someone could check it or has an explanation would be appreciated, cheers
SSM3 is one of hour Airservices Australia radar test sites set up some years ago in the Sydney area. SSM1 (7cF7CA) & SSM2 (7CF7CB) are based on the Centrepoint Tower, SSM3 (7CF7CC) as you indicated at Kurrajong, while SSM4 (7C7FCD) is in the Razorback Ranges just north of Picton. I have seen them move about for some unknown reason usually somewhere between 0 to 50 kts but never at 2274kmh. :cool: