Tracking Vulcan to Southport


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I'm taking my Dad to Southport for the airshow on Saturday, and have accessed PlaneFinder initially to try to be able to keep track of what's going on with the Vulcan XH588, which we both support. Someone on the Vulcan's own forum mentioned PlaneFinder, and said that her callsign is C-VLCN.

While I will happily sit down and work my way through the settings and stuff for your site (which looks fascinating) afterwards, I'd be really grateful for any immediate help on getting the best out of the app to help us find out what XH558's doing on Saturday and when.

Are we able to get an alert when she's airborne, and follow her just by searching on her callsign? Are we able to just isolate her flight path to the exclusion of all the other air traffic around on the day? And is there a callsign for the Red Arrows that I can follow too, to help us keep track of their joint flypast?

It's all very exciting and any help you can give me to help us keep in touch would be gratefully received!

Many thanks,

Magpie x