Trial Run Results for Three Types of Whip Antennas

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    Please scroll down to see the test result graphs at the bottom.

    (1) The three antennas under test were:

    (a) Coiled Whip
    (b) Stock Whip
    (c) Optimized Whip

    (2) In order to minimize number of variables, only the removable parts of Whips were interchanged. All other hardware, location, and software/gain settings were identical. Even the same mag mount base & RG174 coax cable was used for all the three whips.

    (3) In order to be sure that results are not influenced due to fluctuation in traffic, test were conducted twice.

    (a) First test between 2pm & 3pm
    (b) Repeat test between 4pm & 5pm

    Photo 1 - Three Antennas

    Photo 2 - Test Setup
    three whips.png

    Photos 3 & 4 - Results of First Test


    Photos 5 & 6 - Results of Repeat Test
    dump1090-localhost-local_rate-1h-21May2016-4 to 5 pm.png

    dump1090-localhost-range_imperial_nautical-1h-21May2016-4 to 5 pm.png

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