two raspberry pi's running ads-b but can only see one ???


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I have two raspberry pi units running version 1.20 piaware they both run just fine and they are sending to my new apple wifi router ( the one that is the size of a hockey puck ) the internal addresses are
I can see both of them internally just fine but from the outside world ( i.e. my iPhone or another computer )
I can only see one
I tried to change the port forwarding to 8081 for the other unit but no luck ...

Now I am thinking I need to tell the raspberry pi running the piaware 1.20 on the second unit not to use 8080 but to use another port that can be set up in the router to be forwarded.....
maybe setup the unit to use 8081 and setup the router for 8081 so it can be seen from the outside world....

Am I on the right track ???

Also if I need to change the port to 8081 from 8080 on the unit how do I do it ???
I am not a linux person !!!

any help would be appreciated !!!!!