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The pilot of the aircraft to UTair, flying from Moscow, had to improvise a maneuver to avoid a catastrophe on the runway.
This Saturday the Barcelona El Prat airport could have been the scene of a catastrophic accident. In the incident two aircraft, one of the company UTair, from Moscow, which was about to land, and the other Aerolineas Argentinas, which crossed the track to take her off to Buenos Aires were involved. The pilot of the aircraft came from the Russian capital had to improvise a maneuver to avoid a catastrophe.

  • He crossed his path Aerolineas Argentinas Airbus.
  • Aena denies that it was no incident and attributed to the perspective of the images seem that there was danger of collision.
  • A hung amateur video recording internet.
Actually seen in another video that have given me this far, but the real question is ...

The Russian pilot acted well?, (Perfect for me, you play your career and the lives you lead behind?).

Control Tower and land were taking cafe?.

And in two months Aerolineas Argentinas carry two altercations in Barcelona. (Umm).

Anyway such is life.
I think you have that about right!!
I guess the Barcelona ATC people may be having some re-training now!!
I think you're right, let's see if I am putting the video, if so you will see more accurate from another angle. say if I leave my job because it could not be so.

Then you decide.