Unusual symbol.


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Can anyone tell me what the spinning round thing is on the map please



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Have never seen it before, perhaps its something to do with the background map i.e. Openmap rather than Planefinder.
No idea then. I've looked through any PF items and done a quick Google search, nothing comes up. Unfortunately its also not a very active forum.
Yeah I did all that before posting on here, yeah I contacted support but they said it’s a hot air balloon which I don’t think it is.
Thanks for your reply
Click on 'Map Focus' then click on 'Other' this should pretty much clear the map. If the symbol is still there { a circle with an 8-pointed 'flower' inside } click on it, If it comes back as HBAL it is a balloon. Look at its course, speed, altitude, and track. All that aggregated should help you determine if it is a balloon or not if you are still in doubt.
Thank you for your help, I tried all that when it was on screen and it doesn’t come back as HBAL, I also changed my filters to take off balloons and it was still there. It was also on my daughter screen, so was curious as to what it was. Will check speed and all that when I see it next.