Unusually low

Katheryn Kerr

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Yesterday sitting in my apartment in Wa. State, heard the very loud rumble of a jet, looked out and directly above could see the name on bottom of plane/jet. My main question is why are planes flying so low it seems these days. Also was nowhere on Plane Finder app. That doesn't surprise me though.
Kerr, they are fictitious planes involved in spying, stalking and profiling, but also target individuals for mind control and mk ultra operation, I have documented 1000s of these criminal aerial crafts behaviors, most of the time they use some fictitious tail no or registration number, or No registration no, fictitious owners or private companies operating under the disguise of contractors to military or agencies or local law enforcements and a number of such criminal gangs are operating all over US sky.
Typically, they can be spotted or noticed flying at
1. Low or very low altitude within 2000ft that is obnoxious, but they do it anyways,
2. flying at certain hours like 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm or anything 44, 444, 66 666 etc,
3. Most often you can find out that the tail number too are pretty bizzare like 44, 66, 888, for example in Vegas: N440KB, N44KY, N44SK, all the three are private companies but involved in notorious spying, stalking and EMF/microwave abuse of certain individuals, everything they do is on innocent, law abiding good people and they unleash massive surveillance?. Also the tail number ending like KB, JL, WY, D-for defense, S for security, and so on...: the local police helicopter known for massive spying and abusing tax payers money is N911WY, N520 JL, and 100s of planes used in this operation, including passenger planes. Next time, watch out for planes flying over home or car or when you go out.
4. Also can be noticed is the notorious noise, it is a Nazi noise agenda that is incorporated into the spy operations, the noise is simply barbaric
5. Night time, they light up in Vegas ,all over, again in the disguise of drone training?
6. They also fly every time a new vehicle or some activity happens in the street across homes, may be you can check that out next time
7. The planes or cessnas or helicopters are used to spy on internet activities, telephone calls and any and every activities: They use fake cell towers installed into these planes that can route calls through these fake towers instead of cell phone companies towers....
.........more updates later...

Keep an eye and keep a good camera and capture anything and everything that fly around your home, if you or any other individuals here notice any plane or helicopter or Cessna or any craft flying repeatedly in your place, that means they are targeting someone or group or everyone in that place....!. Do not Ask why?, Do not waste time on why are they doing?, spend time in documenting, speaking and writing about it, expose the criminals behind these operations, they are abusing tax payers using their own tax payers money....