Upgrade my Pi and clients


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Currently my setup consists of using a Pi model B+, pfclient 3.3.222, dump 1090, cheap Chinese dongle and whatever else I put on it at the time (it's been a while).
I am going to replace it with a Pi 3 model B+, latest client, dump 1090-mutability, Flightaware Pro Stick Plus v1.0

I upload to Flightradar24.com and something else maybe? Only really concerned about FR24 I think.

How can I find my site identifiers etc. off my current system to add to my new one that will replace it? Or can I just link new one straight onto my accounts and delete the old one once I've proved it's working?

Thanks in advance.


ab cd

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The advise given by Lee Armstrong carries weight, and I strongly recomment it.

However just in case someone forgets his sharing code, he can retrive it by following method:

SSH to RPi and give following command:
cat /etc/pfclient-config.json
The above command will display following long text. Scroll right. Continue scrolling right till you reach end of text, and the share code will be there at the end.:)