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Hi there

I have a lot of aviation photos, some of which might be of interest to the members here but I can't figure out how to embed them in the text. I can copy and paste the URL without a problem but that's just a link, so how do I go about embedding the photos please? Thank you
Hi DevizesEddie,

Welcome to Plane Finder Forum! ;) Great to hear you have been enjoying using Plane Finder just like I do! I have checked out some of your spectacular photos on Flickr and I am sure that you have many, many more shots of aircraft! :)
Why don't you become a member and post your photos on Pinkfroot? There are many other aviation enthusiasts like you who upload their shots onto that site. I myself upload the photos of airplanes that I take onto this site. :cool: I also like viewing other members' shots of aircraft too! :D
All you need to do is upload them onto Pinkfroot with the aircraft's registration, airline and the type of aircraft. After it gets approved by the Administrators, other members can view your photos and your photos get displayed on Plane Finder with your name and copyright.
If you are interested in ships and boats, you can also take photographs of them and post them on Pinkfroot with the MMSI. These get displayed on Ship Finder, the boat tracking app by Pinkfroot. :D
A link to Pinkfroot is here... http://my.pinkfroot.com/
The shots you have taken during your stay at Crete will be excellent to upload and share on Pinkfroot! :)
Good luck and hope to see you there! ;)

Cheers, :)

Shine :D
Hello Shine

Thank you for the welcome and your comments. Strange thing is, I started my interest in aircraft aged 13, continued with it till I got married at 22, then it all went on the back burner what with kids, marriage, and all the rest of it until about 6 months ago when I bought the new Canon 650D and also found this website. I live beneath the trans-Atlantic inbound approach to LHR so there's stuff going over all the time at around 16-23 K feet. This website has really rekindled the interest for me again, much to the wife's dismay...;0)

More than happy to upload to pinkroot, what's the link between that and this? Also, how do I upload an avatar please?

Thanks again, looking forward to participating.

Best regards

G'day DevizesEddie,

Great to hear that you are interested in Pinkfroot! I'm sure that Plane Finder will greatly benefit from your images!

Pinkfroot is the creator of many products, including Plane Finder, Ship Finder, Airline Finder, Stobart Finder and Plane Finder Forum. The photos you upload on Pinkfroot get displayed on Plane Finder so I hope this answers your question about the connection between Pinkfroot and Plane Finder Forum.
If you want to upload an avatar on Plane Finder Forum, simply go to your profile page: http://forum.planefinder.net/members/devizeseddie.203/ and click the large picture of the question mark to the top left of your page. Then you can edit your avatar by using the avatar editor.

You have a long romance with airplanes. I'm sure it has revolutionized your life since the early age of 13! ;)

Looking forward to seeing more of your photos as soon as they have been uploaded to Pinkfroot! :)


Shine :D
Hi there Shine

I've signed up for pinkfroot now and have uploaded the Crete photos plus a some from Kemble which I go past at least once a week. Kemble used to be an active RAF base but these days it's used mainly by light aviation, flying clubs and also has a company who scrap and refurbish commercial jets so you do sometimes see stuff there you wouldn't see anywhere else in the UK. My job takes me all over the place, right past most of the southern half of the UK's regional airports, it's just I rarely have time to stop.