Using RTL1090 to feed PF and Virtual Radar at same time.


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I would like to feed both Virtual Radar, and PlaneFinder at the same time from my RTL1090. I am only using one ADS-b receiver for the receiver. Virtual Radar runs well and I can access it both on my local network and from the internet. However, when I run the PF client (using the port # 31011 that the RTL1090 is using) I lose the feed to Virtual Radar (Then Plane Finder works well), but not both. Is there a workaround for this? Can I feed PF from Virtual Radar?

My VR runs at if it makes any sense to look at that.

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Connect the pfclient to RTL1090 and then connect VRS to port 30054 (which connects to the client which echoes out the data).
Ok, for some reason I cannot feed both again. My RTL1090 is feeding on port 31021. but I cant get both my vrs and plane finder to run at same time and feed. Port 30054 doesn't seem to work anymore
It is an old post, but my answer may help others:

In RTL1090 options, enable "AVR ascii format" for feeding PlaneFinder on the default port 31001
For VRS, enable "30003 - Basestation type TCP port" in RTL1090. (set it in VRS, as well)

This way, you can feed PF and use VRS both at the same time.

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Other possible solution is feeding VRS on 31001 from RTL1090, then use rebroadcast service in VRS to feed PFclient on a chosen port. Set this port on web interface of PFclient as well.
Format should not be changed, so pick the "pass-through" option in VRS.