Using RTL1090 to feed PF and Virtual Radar at same time.

I would like to feed both Virtual Radar, and PlaneFinder at the same time from my RTL1090. I am only using one ADS-b receiver for the receiver. Virtual Radar runs well and I can access it both on my local network and from the internet. However, when I run the PF client (using the port # 31011 that the RTL1090 is using) I lose the feed to Virtual Radar (Then Plane Finder works well), but not both. Is there a workaround for this? Can I feed PF from Virtual Radar?

My VR runs at if it makes any sense to look at that.

Thanks in advance

Ok, for some reason I cannot feed both again. My RTL1090 is feeding on port 31021. but I cant get both my vrs and plane finder to run at same time and feed. Port 30054 doesn't seem to work anymore