VRS and SBS-1 without BaseStation software?


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Is it possible to run VirtualRadarServer (or ModeSDeco) and SBS-1 without running the BaseStation software in parallel? The reason I want to get rid of BaseStation software is because I plan to run SBS-1 on a linux device like Raspberry.
Can VRS connect directly to the SBS-1 with the USB???

The SBS-1 just has a USB port which communicates with the BaseStation software on the PC which in turn opens up the ports: 30003, 30006, 30008 (ADSB data,Raw binary, ACARS)? accordingly.

I have seen that its possible to modify the SBS-1 and add Ethernet capability on it and make it listen on
This would allow even new software like ModeSDeco to connect directly to the SBS-1

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Dear friend, I took a year with the same question, but I try to tell you the same thing but with planeplotter.