Wanted. Antenna with long side lobes and a weak base side


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My geographical area gives me a very good North South line with a good East and a fair West side.
I was thinking an inverted horseshoe with a parasitic element...
Any ideas?
I'm hoping to have the antenna pointing away from the 1,000 mountain to my west (which limits reception). So the back lobe can be weak.
The sides lobes (N & S) are where my where I want to have gain. Don't want to lose the east gain either. I'm in a rural area near the ocean.
I've used EZnec before but it will not work on my Linux under wine now. Hoping someone has links and or pre made plots xnec2
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I can't see any easy solution with just one antenna and retain all around coverage; you may have to look at a suitable phasing harness to run a vertical with two or more low gain (wide beam width) yagis.