what was the last aircraft you were on?


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Hello everybody!

I thought it would be fun to start one again.
So what was/were your last flight(s)
you can put the ones in that you did in the old (what was the last aircraft you were on.)
I'll put mine down.

Kind regards

American Airlines Boeing 767-323ER Reg. N355AA
Amsterdam -> Bristol. easyjet A319 reg. G-EZAO 11-11-2011
Bristol -> Amsterdam Easyjet A319 reg. G-EZGJ 11-13-2011
Amsterdam -> Bristol Easyjet A319 reg. G-EZBM 12-29- 2011
Bristol -> Amsterdam Easyjet A319 reg. G-EZBU 01-1-2012

29-01-12 EDLL->EGLL British Airways Airbus A320-232 G-EUYB

29-01-12 EGLL->EDLL British Airways Airbus A319-131 G-EUOH

30-01-12 EDLV->EGSS Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-DPT

30-01-12 EGSS->EDLV Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-DAD


http://planefinder.net/flight/BAW937/time/2012-01-29T10:35:00 UTC G-EUYB

http://planefinder.net/flight/BAW946/time/2012-01-29T20:10:00 UTC G-EUOH


http://planefinder.net/flight/RYR5BG/time/2012-01-30T06:10:00 UTC EI-DPT

http://planefinder.net/flight/RYR4UN/time/2012-01-30T21:15:00 UTC EI-DAD

Transavia PH-HSB boeing 738. Amsterdam ->Tenerife South 03-31-2012 05:25

Arke Fly PH-OYI Boeing 763. Tenerife South -> Amsterdam 04-04-2012 21:20

Amsterdam Bristol G-EZGB 06-01 2012

Bristol Amsterdam G-EZFB 06-05 2012

G-EZDJ 09-21-2012 Amsterdam Bristol Easyjet

G-EZFE 09-22-2012 Bristol Newcastle Easyjet

G-EZGG 09-23-2012 Newcastle Bristol Easyjet

G-EZTZ 09-24-2012 Bristol Amsterdam Easyjet

Amsterdam->Bristol Easyjet A319. reg. G-EJAR 06-12-2012
Bristol to Amsterdam Airbus A319. reg. G-EZFP 09-12-2012

Amsterdam-> Bristol 29-12-2012 Easyjet Airbus A319. reg. G-EZGC
Bristol-> Amsterdam 01-01-2013 Easyjet Airbus A319 reg. G-EJAR

Dusseldorf-> Dublin 02-09-2013 Aer Lingus Airbus A319 reg. EI-EDP
Dublin-> Dusseldorf 02-10-2013 Aer Lingus Airbus A319 reg. EI-DVK

Dusseldorf -> Copenhagen 04-22-2013 SAS airlines MD82 reg. OY-KHN
Copenhagen -> Dusseldorf 04-22-2013 SAS airlines MD82 reg. OY-KHG

Amsterdam -> Bristol 06-15-2013 KLM Fokker 70 reg. PH-KZH
Bristol -> Amsterdam 06-17-2013 KLM EMB190 reg. PH-EZU

Amsterdam->San Francisco 08-12-2013 KLM 744 reg. PH-BFG
Jackson Hole WY -> Salt Lake City 08-26-2013 Delta A319 reg. N362NB
Salt Lake City UT ->Minneapolis st. Paul. 08-26-2013 Delta A320 reg. N341NW
Minneapolis St. Paul -> Amsterdam. diversion JFK New York 08-27-2013 Delta A333 reg. N801NW
JFK New York -> Amsterdam 08-27-2013 Delta A333 reg. N810NW
Amsterdam-Minneapolis St. Paul 09-01-2013 Delta A332 reg. N857NW
Minneapolis St. Paul 09-01-2013 Delta A319 reg. N371NB

Los Angeles -Atlanta 09-09-2013 Delta 752 reg. N900PC
Altanta- Evvansville 09-09-2013 Delta connection CRJ-200 reg. N857AS

Evansville to Atlanta 21-09-2013 Delta CRJ200 reg. N838AS
Alanta-> Detroit 09-21-2013 Delta MD88 reg. N990DL
Detroit ->Amsterdam 09-21-2013 Delta A332 reg.N820NW

EDLV Weeze-> London Stansted Ryanair 738 EI-EBF
London Stansted -> EDLV Niederrhein-weeze Ryanair 738 EI-DLW.

I think I've got them all. LOL
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Hey Ferdi!

Wow! :eek: You have a long history of flights!

My most recent flights were:
Qantas VH-VZV (B737-800) - QF730/QFA730, 18/09/2013, ADL-SYD (Adelaide Intl to Sydney Intl)
Qantas VH-QPB (A330-300) - QF129/QFA129, 18/09/2013, SYD-PVG (Sydney Intl to Pudong Intl)

Qantas VH-QPH (A330-300) - QF130/QFA130, 18/10/2013, PVG-SYD (Pudong Intl to Sydney Intl)
Qantas VH-VYI (B737-800) - QF747/QFA747, 19/10/2013, SYD-ADL (Sydney Intl to Adelaide Intl)

Nice topic to start! ;)

Shine :D
Nice flights shine!
I've never been that far east.

Last evening I flown to Edinburgh .
Amsterdam -> Edinburgh Easyjet A319 reg. G-EZBF
About 6 years ago I was in the right seat of Piper Warrior out of MA.
We flew up to an airport in NH for a work-related meeting.
I got a lot of stick-time on the way up, and some kinda scary stick-time on the way back, after dark.

It was my first time flying a small low-wing plane. My very first time, flying at night!
It was fun and I didn't have to kick in for fuel. :)
Since I don't have a license, that's likely the last time I'll ever get any stick-time.

I've got some training flying the Schweizer SGU 2-22 back in the early 1970s.
I was just getting into RC and wanted some training before launching my first RC glider.
(This was many years before PCs and flight simulators).

So, now that I'm getting old, my Bucket List includes flying a high performance glider.. :)

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