Why there are very few new posts in forum?


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I know that PF is new compare to rivals but that does not mean that we should sit silent.C'mon let us keep sharing info with each others.
Good luck and regards to all.
Hi Casler,

Actually we were before any of the "rivals". The forum is new-ish however and I think it takes time :)
I am a new member.
I have spoken to you at random since you are a staff member. I can find no way of making a post or starting a conversation. Help please. How do I get plane finder on to my laptop. I do not have a smart phone, i-pad or android.
Thanks. David Mills.
Hi Everyone! :)

I agree with Lee Armstrong. Even though Plane Finder has a long history, this forum is fairly new (2013) and it does indeed take some time. I joined this forum in first days in which was developed and there were only about 6 members. It has indeed has grown up a lot since that time. There is a very big difference in how many posts there are now compared to the starting days of the forum.

I guess only time will tell! ;)


Shine Wang :D
Is this forum still active.. I haven't logged in for quite some time, however I am surprised to see few posts. Any new developments, I see MLAT is active in the UK..any plans to bring that to North America.

My 1090 puck and beagleboard have been running flawlessly for over a year now. Happy to provide a home for it.