Windows setup file


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I relocated from South Africa to Slovenia and took my receiver and antennae with. I now have dump1090 running on my Windows 11 machine but am unable to download the setup file from the server (it looks like it is permanently down). Can someone point me to where I can find this software as I would like to contribute from Ljubljana.
Just for anyone else who is looking for these files to feed from Windows:

(1) The dump1090 win32
Download link:

After download, unzip above file. Inside you will find another zipped file "".
Unzip "" .
Inside you will find many files & folder, including "dump1090.exe" and "dump1090.bat"
Double click "dump1090.bat" to run dump1090.
You can edit file "dump1090.bat" to change settings.

(2) The Plane finder Client (data feeder) for Windows
Download page

Click Windows tab at top
Click download link "MSI Setup