Wrong Dated flight tracks


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Noticed that the flight tracks from helicopters are often „wrong“ specially for service helicopters like medical, police which often use the same Callsign
E.g D-HHEB for 28/08/2022 there is a fantasy track around 1:22 UTC when the helicopter was on ground and then back again at the morning.

According to flight log the aircraft flown on 27/08/2022 around around 11:05 until around 14:20 UTC for example, but the flight track is on the wrong day. This was a flight yesterday 28/08/2022 (the helicopter monitored a event from air, I‘ve seen him several times)

Another example is the call sign CHX77 (medical Call sign here in the area) all flight from one day are tracked as one flight even there was a break for multiple hours (if I remember correctly this aircraft can’t do night flights). This also Leads for tracking tracks are not correctly assigned to the correct day.

Maybe you can check this issues as the flight history is useless for such cases where the call sign does not change.. maybe a logic that after a specific time of break the flight tracks are getting splitted? Specially if the last known position was a airport/landing spot (I assume it’s easy to detect due sink rate and the last known height if the aircraft landed or only the contact to a receiver was lost in-flight)