antenna analyzer

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    Franklin-Spider Antenna (for advanced users)

    SIMULATION RESULTS Gain = 3.7 dBi SWR = 3.1 Impedance = 155 - j 8.18 ohms HIGH IMPEDANCE/SWR - WILL NOT GIVE GOOD RESULTS WITHOUT IMPEDANCE MATCHING IMPEDANCE MATCHING BY "TRANSMISSION LINE+CAPACITOR" TECHNIQUE Using Smith Chart: Capacitor to be inserted = 3.8 pF (4 pF will do) Coax length...
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    Testing and Tuning of Antennas Using Antenna Analyzer

    Test Results for Cantenna, Using Antenna Analyzer N1201SA. Test Setup R, X, VSWR, S11 VSWR vs Frequency Sweep Plot. Marker at 1090 Mhz