1. rakeshvanamali

    Plane Finder Pi not sending data!

    Some 10 days ago, my PF Pi (running Bullseye) stopped working I put the SD card into a different PI, connected it to a different ADSB antenna, connected it to a different RTLSDR, did sudo apt update. But, nothing worked So, I formatted the card, installed Bookworm, and created a new...
  2. J

    Question regarding "positionless reports"

    Just a quick question, can anything be done at the client end to cut down the number of positionless reports? To be honest i do not know why I have so many compared to the users at the top of the table? Roughly one third of my traffic appears as positionless data. I would appreciate any help to...
  3. M

    Incorrect Callsign Data

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but I've noticed that the call sign on the database is different from the callsign that is actually used by the flight. An example is on the below link. You'll notice the table states the callsign is RYR6MN but when the live flight is tracked, or a recent...