1. TheCableGuy96

    Problems installing tracking software on Pi

    Hi everyone, I'm new to all this so still trying to get to grips with it and understand everything so please bear with me... I have setup a Raspberry Pi 4B which is currently feeding to FlightRadar24 and FlightAware. I was also looking into feeding to PlaneFinder but the .deb file doesn’t...
  2. ab cd

    Feed Planefinder from Debian, & Ubuntu x86_64

    Last update: August 20, 2021 Planefider has both amd64 and i386 deb packages available. 1 - Debian 10 & 11 and Ubuntu 20 1.1 - On amd64 Computers wget sudo dpkg -i pfclient_5.0.162_amd64.deb sudo systemctl status pfclient 1.2 -...