1. zahidulhasan

    NanoPI OrangePI H3 SOC ADSB software installation made too easy.

    Hi all, we all love Raspberry pi as a micro computer but we also love OrangePI/NanoPI boards as it is very cheap & durable same time. I have made an compact image that will work with almost all boards having Allwinner H3. I have tested in Nanopi Neo, Nanopi M1, Nanopi M1 Plus, Orange Pi One...
  2. Mark Daniels

    Plane Finder Radar

    We're very proud to introduce the all new Plane Finder Radar ADS-B receiver. Our requirement for an ADS-B receiver is simple - high quality data, superb performance, very accurate MLAT and ultra reliable - all at a good price too. We couldn't find such a thing so decided to design and build...