data feeder

  1. rakeshvanamali

    Plane Finder Pi not sending data!

    Some 10 days ago, my PF Pi (running Bullseye) stopped working I put the SD card into a different PI, connected it to a different ADSB antenna, connected it to a different RTLSDR, did sudo apt update. But, nothing worked So, I formatted the card, installed Bookworm, and created a new...
  2. ab cd

    Raspberry Pi (B+, Zero, RPi2, RPi3 & RPi4) - Installation instructions for Raspbian, Dump1090 & Data Feeder

    Last Update: December 05, 2021 What you need is 3 components as follows: STEP-1: An operating system like "Raspberry Pi OS". STEP-2: A decoder software "dump1090" STEP-3: Planefinder's data feeding software pfclient. STEP 1- INSTALL OPERATING SYSTEM 1.1 - Download Raspberry Pi OS Lite image...