1. ab cd

    Feed Planefinder from Red Hat (RHEL) & Fedora x86_64

    How to Install dump1090-fa and Planefinder feeder on Red Hat (RHEL) & Fedora Tested on: Fedora 31, x86_64 Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.1, x86_64 STEP-1: Install dump1090-fa (see below) STEP-2: Install Planefinder Data Feeder (Scroll down to post #2) STEP-3: Install FlightRadar24 Data...
  2. ab cd

    Feed Planefinder from Debian, & Ubuntu x86_64

    Last update: August 20, 2021 Planefider has both amd64 and i386 deb packages available. 1 - Debian 10 & 11 and Ubuntu 20 1.1 - On amd64 Computers wget sudo dpkg -i pfclient_5.0.162_amd64.deb sudo systemctl status pfclient 1.2 -...
  3. ab cd

    Feed Planefinder from Alarm Pi (armv7/armv8)

    Ads-b on Alarm Pi (Arch linux arm for Pi) (Armv7 / Armv8) Following steps are required: (1) Install OS Alarm on microSD card of a Pi (2) Install Decoder dump1090-fa on Alarm Pi. (3) Install Planefinder data-feeder on Alarm Pi (4) Install data-feeders of other sites on Alarm Pi STEP 1 of 5...
  4. J

    Planefinder client map

    I have a rasp pi running dump1090-fa, feeding data to flightaware, planefinder and flightradar24. I have two questions about the planefinder client: 1) Is there a way to change the airplane colors on the map? The yellow airplanes are very hard to see. 2) Is there a reason why the planefinder...
  5. TheBiggerGuy

    pfclient automatic setup

    Hi all, I have a docker script that sets up a 'pfclient-config.json' file with the correct setting before running the 'pfclient'. However I always have to go via the 'setup' process via the web UI before pfclient will start fully. Is there a magic setting that is required? ping -c 1 dump1090...
  6. zahidulhasan

    Raspberry PI ADS-B feeder installation made too easy with extra feature.

    Hi all, I wanted to make a simple Image to make the raspberry pi user hassle free installation. Here i have uploaded a Rasbian Lite image with the feature. This Image will work on Raspberry PI 2/3. Its assume to completed whole process within 30 minutes only. 1> Raspbian jessie lite image with...