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  1. D

    Planefinder not seeing any planes trough dump1090-fa

    Hello, I am running a 3b+ running the newest version of rasbian with dump1090 fa installed, flightaware and flighradar24 "see" the planes, but planefinder doesnt? I have tried using port 30002 and 30005, but both dont work, for ip i put in
  2. N

    MLAT - pfclient_5.0.161_armhf.deb

    Is it somehow posible to activate MLAT in the Planefinder client? It works on FR24, FlightAware and Radarbox. System info: Raspberry Pi OS Lite 32-bit, kernel 5.10, Debian version: 11 (bulleye) URL Feeds: https://www.planefinder.net/coverage/receiver/229292...
  3. loganschapker

    Raspberry Pi ADS-B Receiver - No Data, Constant Restarting

    I've been attempting to build an ADS-B receiver with my Raspberry Pi for a while, I've followed the steps listed in the document above the installation files and for some reason it does not obtain and data. I checked the logs and there isn't any errors except for the fact it seems to restart...
  4. zahidulhasan

    Raspberry PI ADS-B feeder installation made too easy with extra feature.

    Hi all, I wanted to make a simple Image to make the raspberry pi user hassle free installation. Here i have uploaded a Rasbian Lite image with the feature. This Image will work on Raspberry PI 2/3. Its assume to completed whole process within 30 minutes only. 1> Raspbian jessie lite image with...
  5. Glenn Stewart

    Raspberry Pi + Resin.io = Feed setup in under an 20 minutes

    TL;DR Get first Raspberry Pi configured, connected and submitting in 10 minutes Second device in under 5 minutes Changes in around 3 minutes Remote management and control of all devices Solution designed for 1 or many, many Raspberry Devices Intended to solve my need to have Raspberry Pi's in...
  6. L

    Prevent Dump1090 from feeding data from a specific aircraft

    Let's say I have a Raspberry Pi running Dump1090 Mutability feeding multiple sites. A local police chopper with ADS-B on shows up regularly, I am the only one feeding the data and I don't feel comfortable doing so. Would it be possible somehow to "ban" that aircraft data from being feed from...
  7. I_Need_Help

    modesdeco2 on Pi b+ Illegal instruction

    Hi All, In the dim and distant past I had modesdeco2 working on Pi 2 it died some time ago and i finally dusted off my old B+ Pi and loaded the latest Noobs which reports to be : [email protected]:~/modesdeco2 $ lsb_release -da No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Raspbian...
  8. ON1DQD

    How to Prefetch / Pre-cache maps for dump1090 on Raspberry Pi ?

    Hi, Is there a possebility to Prefetch (Pre-cache) certain map data for dump1090 that is installed on Raspberry Pi ? This would be interesting in a situations where there is no internet available so we can still see the planes on a map that is pre-downoaded. Any help on this would be welcome ;-)
  9. ab cd

    Raspberry Pi (B+, Zero, RPi2, RPi3 & RPi4) - Installation instructions for Raspbian, Dump1090 & Data Feeder

    Last Update: December 05, 2021 What you need is 3 components as follows: STEP-1: An operating system like "Raspberry Pi OS". STEP-2: A decoder software "dump1090" STEP-3: Planefinder's data feeding software pfclient. STEP 1- INSTALL OPERATING SYSTEM 1.1 - Download Raspberry Pi OS Lite image...