raspberry pi

  1. TheCableGuy96

    Problems installing tracking software on Pi

    Hi everyone, I'm new to all this so still trying to get to grips with it and understand everything so please bear with me... I have setup a Raspberry Pi 4B which is currently feeding to FlightRadar24 and FlightAware. I was also looking into feeding to PlaneFinder but the .deb file doesn’t...
  2. D

    Planefinder not seeing any planes trough dump1090-fa

    Hello, I am running a 3b+ running the newest version of rasbian with dump1090 fa installed, flightaware and flighradar24 "see" the planes, but planefinder doesnt? I have tried using port 30002 and 30005, but both dont work, for ip i put in
  3. N

    MLAT - pfclient_5.0.161_armhf.deb

    Is it somehow posible to activate MLAT in the Planefinder client? It works on FR24, FlightAware and Radarbox. System info: Raspberry Pi OS Lite 32-bit, kernel 5.10, Debian version: 11 (bulleye) URL Feeds: https://www.planefinder.net/coverage/receiver/229292...
  4. loganschapker

    Raspberry Pi ADS-B Receiver - No Data, Constant Restarting

    I've been attempting to build an ADS-B receiver with my Raspberry Pi for a while, I've followed the steps listed in the document above the installation files and for some reason it does not obtain and data. I checked the logs and there isn't any errors except for the fact it seems to restart...
  5. zahidulhasan

    Raspberry PI ADS-B feeder installation made too easy with extra feature.

    Hi all, I wanted to make a simple Image to make the raspberry pi user hassle free installation. Here i have uploaded a Rasbian Lite image with the feature. This Image will work on Raspberry PI 2/3. Its assume to completed whole process within 30 minutes only. 1> Raspbian jessie lite image with...
  6. Glenn Stewart

    Raspberry Pi + Resin.io = Feed setup in under an 20 minutes

    TL;DR Get first Raspberry Pi configured, connected and submitting in 10 minutes Second device in under 5 minutes Changes in around 3 minutes Remote management and control of all devices Solution designed for 1 or many, many Raspberry Devices Intended to solve my need to have Raspberry Pi's in...
  7. L

    Prevent Dump1090 from feeding data from a specific aircraft

    Let's say I have a Raspberry Pi running Dump1090 Mutability feeding multiple sites. A local police chopper with ADS-B on shows up regularly, I am the only one feeding the data and I don't feel comfortable doing so. Would it be possible somehow to "ban" that aircraft data from being feed from...
  8. I_Need_Help

    modesdeco2 on Pi b+ Illegal instruction

    Hi All, In the dim and distant past I had modesdeco2 working on Pi 2 it died some time ago and i finally dusted off my old B+ Pi and loaded the latest Noobs which reports to be : pi@raspberrypi:~/modesdeco2 $ lsb_release -da No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Raspbian...
  9. ON1DQD

    How to Prefetch / Pre-cache maps for dump1090 on Raspberry Pi ?

    Hi, Is there a possebility to Prefetch (Pre-cache) certain map data for dump1090 that is installed on Raspberry Pi ? This would be interesting in a situations where there is no internet available so we can still see the planes on a map that is pre-downoaded. Any help on this would be welcome ;-)
  10. ab cd

    Raspberry Pi (B+, Zero, RPi2, RPi3 & RPi4) - Installation instructions for Raspbian, Dump1090 & Data Feeder

    Last Update: December 05, 2021 What you need is 3 components as follows: STEP-1: An operating system like "Raspberry Pi OS". STEP-2: A decoder software "dump1090" STEP-3: Planefinder's data feeding software pfclient. STEP 1- INSTALL OPERATING SYSTEM 1.1 - Download Raspberry Pi OS Lite image...